Wild musings

Dec 13, 2019

Bheki Mseleku's Sandile is playing in the background. I've been rewinding the guitar solo part for several minutes now thinking to myself, "This has to be the most awesome tribute to anyone ever". My whiskey tumbler is filled with ice and the last of my whiskey..My living room is a mess. My bedroom even messier. I am trying to pack away 7 years of my life into 2 suitcases. I really do intrigue myself at times, who do I think I am to manage such a feat? Despite packing away several bags of clothes and shoes plus boxes of books to give away or hold in storage, there's still a lot of items lying around. Each one probably has meaning and some memories attached to it, but I understand some things are meant to be left so one can 'move on'. I have no idea how I will manage to carry the most important things. I might have to be a bit drastic and remove more clothes and books to give away, maybe then I will have more space to pack other things with sentimental value, things I am unwilling to let out of my sight...


I have been delaying this process for close to a month now. I knew this was coming but I kept telling myself it would be easy. Maybe it was denial, you know, hope that things can be different and I prolong my stay?

Anyway, let me continue and see how far I go tonight. I still have 4 meetings and 2 projects to handover before I depart... I wouldn't recommend anyone to do things my way. LOL.