Who am I?

Michael Bosomefi Chamunorwa is a Computer programmer, Systems engineer, Software developer, researcher... "mammal" with a keen eye for detail. He is known in some circles as a wannabe genius with a flair for Arduino projects. In addition to this, he is a self styled NodeJS Advocate, GIT and Linux lover as well as a MongoDB vigilante who will unleash his imaginary cat on anyone who says NoSQL is useless.

Michael Doesn’t wear a suit during the day nor during the night..(he does have a cape he loaned to Bruce Wayne a while ago)

He spends his days writing code to help one cause or another. When he is not coding, he plays paintball and sometimes airsoft, if the weather does not permit, he winds up time by pretending to be a guitar player or simply listens to Jazz music.

After almost a decade as an HCI researcher in Southern Africa, Michael relocated to Western Europe where he is still in HCI... but with a different focus.